Content Owners Can Prevent Premium Videos From Being Pirated By Safeguarding Licence Keys

The global video streaming market is dominated by over-the-top (OTT) providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime, resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenue every minute. Content owners do not want to put their high-definition premium content on portals that aren’t as strict with security. For premium content, the OTT industry relies on digital rights management (DRM) technology and forensic […]

Pillow Logistics: Understanding The Challenges Of Shipping And Delivery

In logistics, goods are moved internally or between buyers and sellers. Logistics managers oversee and control this process. These professionals are certified in several fields. To succeed, many details must be considered: routes must be selected by expediency, regulatory environment, and avoid obstacles such as road repairs, wars, and adverse weather conditions. In addition to weighing costs against factors such […]

Benefits Of Gourmet Food Delivery

Tired because of the office stress or just plain lazy to cook, are some of the few reasons why one orders food from restaurants. Also, there are times when you are simply craving for a tasty bite out of gourmet food. This is when the meal delivery services come in to picture and let you have that taste and relief […]