Fashion photography, regardless of what it seems from a distance, is not easy. It takes a lot to find the right angle to accentuate the appeal of the items one wants to sell. An aspiring fashion photographer suffers from a wide range of hiccups when getting started. Finding one’s voice becomes the key challenge here. Every photographer is different and one must find that unique quality to stand out from the crowd. If one wants to succeed in fashion photography, one needs to get the photography kit right. However, the problem in picking a fashion camera lies in the expense. Cameras tend to be pretty expensive and for that particular reason, one needs to know about cameras before buying one.

Bruce Weber On Photography Equipment

Bruce Weber is a veteran fashion photographer. He is a creative photographer with an eye for storytelling. Bruce has unique imagination which makes his photos stand out. His photos have been featured in many prestigious magazines including Vogue. Bruce has a reputation for being a creative filmmaker as well. When he is not making films or taking photos, he is usually helping young photographers to find their niche and photography touch. He has written some books on photography to help aspiring photographers as well.

Bruce says when one is getting started, one needs to stick to simple equipment. Spending too much at the initial stage does not make any sense. One must understand what works and what does not before spending on photography equipment. So, in the beginning, one can start with a smartphone and slowly add to the photography gear collection. Picking a camera might be a tough task as there are too many digital cameras available. Here is a quick guideline to follow if one wants to pick the right camera.

Pick The Right DSLR

Before one starts to explore different camera stores, one needs to read about different cameras. Because there are too many available in the market, one may get a little confused. A camera is not for show, it has its usability and one must pick a camera based on usability only. Bruce says if the wide choice confuses one, it is important to speak to a professional. Someone who knows cameras will be able to help in picking the right one. However, Bruce also warns that it is common to make mistakes with cameras when one is getting started. Yet, cameras are expensive and because of that one needs to be a little careful when buying.

Sensor & Frame

Fashion photography demands a clear perspective. Of course, there are deliberate blurs that add appeal to photos. But usually, photographers look for clarity. Due to this reason, one needs to pay attention to the sensor and frame when buying a digital camera. Aspiring photographers use multiple lenses to get the much-desired clarity. Cameras with multiple lenses are available in the market and when in confusion, one can pick a camera that comes with multiple lenses.

As per Bruce Weber, anyone who is getting started with photography must choose the basic cameras. After developing photography skills, one can always upgrade.