Hillandale Farms is a well-known name in the egg production business. This farm has succeeded in building the reputation of producing the best quality eggs. This farm had been founded in 1958. Its founder Orland Bethel bought a farm and started his egg-selling business. In the initial stage, Orland Bethel used to resell eggs. However, within a few years, the farm began to grow. Its growth started suddenly and everything began to change. With time Hillandale Farms succeeded in setting up a branch in West Virginia. Later on, the business expanded to Pittsburgh. A few years later Hillandale’s wings reached Florida. It was after coming this far, Orland Bethel began to raise chickens.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- A Story Of Animal Care

At Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania chickens are taken care of properly. Farms usually don’t take care of the animals they raise. Chickens get hatched after laying eggs. At Hillandale Farms, animal cruelty is strictly forbidden. Orland Bethel started with the objective of taking care of the chickens and giving these birds good lives. Following this objective, Hillandale established a cage-free farming process. At this farm, chickens get to live outside the farms. Cage-free life makes it easy for chickens to live a healthy life. Access to the outside world at any time is not possible at every farm. Hillandale has made this possible because they follow the ethics of the Bethel family.

This family-owned farm takes care of the animals. They raise chickens, care for them, and take care of egg laying. But hatching is prohibited on this farm. They don’t support animal cruelty of any kind. Orland Bethel’s ethics and objective got carried forward by his son Gary who joined the company in 1980. After joining Hillandale Gary started to work everywhere. He drove trucks to assist in delivery service. Also, he took care of the other work. Under the watchful eyes of Gary, this farm grew to a significant level. By 2000, Hillandale has grown so much that it started to raise about 10 million chickens. Today, Hillandale raises near about 20 million chickens which is a big growth for the farm.

Hillandale chickens get only vegetarian food at the farm. The birds are well cared for. Kevin Jackson, the CEO of Hillandale, says that the legacy of the farm will be carried forward in the future. Kevin has experience leading many big-scale companies. He believes that with strategic planning and hard work, he will be able to initiate further growth of the farm.

Hillandale Farms On Sustainability

Hillandale Farms has succeeded in establishing an environment-friendly farming process. They use the latest technology to improve the lives of their employees, their customers, and their chickens. However, in doing so, they don’t forget the environment. They believe in giving back to nature. They have introduced a unique water treatment method to help water use reduction. They purify and reuse water to wash the eggs.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania uses solar power to reduce electricity use. It helps in reducing carbon footprint. With such high-quality services, Hillandale Farms has not only earned its customer’s trust but also won multiple certificates.