Ever since they were first invented in 2003, electric-cigarettes – or e-cigarettes as they are commonly known – have been become increasingly popular over the years; chiefly because of two main reasons: they are a healthier ‘smoking’ option as compared to the conventional tobacco cigarettes; and they are also more pocket-friendly than their tobacco counterparts.

With the e-cigarette-manufacturing companies coming with the more inventive and advanced e-cigarettes, the e-cigarette users – ‘vapers’ as they are referred to – have a wide variety of electric cigarettes to choose from, that too at an affordable cost.

Simple design of e-cigarettes makes them cost savers: Electric cigarettes are cost-savers, especially vis-à-vis the expensive tobacco cigarettes, largely due to the fact that they are exceptionally simple in their design. The three chief components of e-cigarettes include a lithium ion battery; an atomizer which vaporizes a nicotine/flavour solution; and a mouthpiece to facilitate the inhaling of the vapour.

While these basic components are more or less the same in all electric cigarettes, most e-cigarette manufacturers are bringing the latest high-quality featured equipments to the market, keeping in mind not only the cost-effectiveness of the e-cigarettes, but also the hazardous environmental impact of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Online purchase leads to lower costs: To ensure that their e-cigarettes are pocket-friendly, most electric cigarette manufacturers offer the vapers the advantage of purchasing e-cigarettes online, via their respective shopping carts. The online shopping process is surely a cost-saver for the vapers; all the more so because the manufacturers offer the ‘online delivery’ facility, as well as attractive offers on shipping costs to allure the vapers.

The benefit of online purchase of the electric cigarettes cuts down the vapers needless botheration involved in looking for e-cigarette sellers in the market; and also brings down their overall costs linked to e-cigarette purchase as they can conveniently buy the e-cigarettes right from their home.

E-cigarettes cost less than tobacco cigarettes: A substantial cost-saving, to the tune of up to 80 percent, can be made by the e-cigarette users as compared to the smokers of the traditional tobacco cigarettes. While the cost of regular tobacco cigarettes generally is over £5 per pack of 15 cigarettes, the cost of one cartomizer – which gives the same number of draws as the tobacco cigarette pack – typically is £1 apiece when purchased in a pack of 5.

Although, to begin with, the costs of electric cigarettes in the smaller countries of the West were higher than the costs in bigger western countries, where the number of vapers was more; the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes in the smaller countries has now brought down their costs. While, earlier, vapers in the most of these countries had to import the e-cigarettes a few years back, and also pay for their shipping, and the import rates, the emergence of more and more e-cigarette manufacturers on the scene has now changed the trends and the dynamics of smoking in these countries. Electric cigarettes are now available in these countries at very pocket-friendly prices; with some companies offering the most advanced e-cigarettes with massive vapour production and refill cartridges in great flavours!

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