The usage of debit cards is increasing day by day, and it is really reaching an unimaginable number. Yes, it is a good sign of welcoming any advanced technologies but, do all these users aware of the safe usage techniques of debit cards.
It has now been several years debit cards are in use, but still there are numerous debit card scams arising day to day. Shouldn’t we take the responsibility to handle things in the right way, to avoid these scams and hackers misusing them? Here is guidance for all those who volunteer to take effective measures to ban debit card scams.

Common debit card scams we undergo

These kinds of scams have become very dangerous because of a direct debit system that exists everywhere instead of cash dealings. When we need to ban something serious like this, first know about the problem in detail. So, let us discuss about the possible debit card scams and threats that are faced nowadays, so we can further figure out the measures to overcome the same.

Most online shopping websites have advertisements popping up or flashing in the corners that tempt to buy the product. When you first look at the rate, it will be dead cheap with offers and only during the final confirmation, will be notified that the amount is only of the first instalment and there are several instalments that have to be paid month on month, which will be deducted from our account through the direct debit system.
Skimmer – Not sure, how many of you would have heard about it, looks very much similar to a debit card, but is a scam device. Users cannot immediately identify the difference, unless theynote it carefully.
Check for pinhole cameras positioned anywhere on the ATMs, maybe in the brochure holder or near the chairs, which may track the ATM pin of users.

Be careful about double stick tape, any transparent attachment sticking to the card reader or extra mirrors that looks different.
Above all, when the debit card is lost, first freeze your account before searching where you left it.

These ideas will be of great help to be aware of credit card threats.

Tricks to Avoid Scam

There is a debit card protection system available with your bank accounts, so ensure your bank authorities about the details for the same. This facility will be linked with the bank and they will receive an alert regarding all illegal and suspicious activities linked to the account.
Reconcile your bank accounts, when you have more than one. Remember, scams can happen even with the little amount you have on hand. So, never be careless that you are not so rich and nobody will target you.

Gas station debit card frauds are quite common to happen, so excess care is always mandatory. The skimming devices stick to the pump to trace the account details of the users and further used for scams. So be on your guard.

We cannot stop hackers or scammers from involving in these activities, but we can definitely prevent from being a victim, if we are careful.

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