Introduction to compensation claim:

If you are suffering physically or mentally because of another person or company negligence you have rights to get the compensation for it.In life you will face unfortunate things, for which you are not responsible, but you are suffering and greatly you need financial help to overcome this. For your suffering and your pain, legally you can claim compensation.

You can claim compensation for unfortunate things like injured on the job, clinical negligence, injuries at public place, injuries caused by defective products or injured in road side accident. These are all somebody else faults so you can ask for compensation from the person or company who is responsible for this.  And if responsible person or company is not ready to compensate then you can take legal action on them.

Process to get the compensation claim

There are licensed firms which help you to get your compensation claim. They will work on no win no fee concept so if you win then only you have to pay them. But before that you need an all details of your injury.


In order to make successful compensation claim you need to follow some steps. Before making claim you have to really thinks about is it really not your fault? If injuries happen because of your negligence like ‘drink and drive’ then you cannot claim the compensation. In accident if you have personal injuries like fracture, bruising, muscle damage, post-traumatic stress syndrome or even death then only you can claim for the compensation. But you cannot make compensation claim on basis of ‘could have happened’. Another thing you need for compensation claim is the evidence. Not only you have to prove that you have suffered because of this accident but also injuries are caused by the negligence of other person or company.

How to calculate the compensation claim?

It is very important to find out how much compensation you can claim for your personal injuries. But keep in mind that each compensation claim is different for each case. Many law firms use the previous case history as a reference for compensation claim.

Depend upon which part of body got hurt you can estimate the compensation claim according to that. There are firms which provide you estimated figure for compensation claim which is called the compensation claim calculator. It helps you to find out how much you can claim for your injury.

In the interactive compensation claim calculator you can get the estimate of compensation from minor injury to the major injury like broken bone. There are websites which provide you compensation claim details by each body part.The amount of your claim is depending upon the how much accident has affected you. Along with this physical injury claim you can ask other related expenses such as loss of earnings or damages to property. The amount of compensation claim is based on the compensation claim calculator and other factors like severity of the injury, accident circumstances and future scenarios of the individual.

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