Whilst camcorders might be better than they’ve ever been, they are still reliant on their batteries. Realistically, the battery on a high powered camera will only give you a couple of hours filming time. When you’re out on location this is often not enough.

Your modern camcorder will have lots of features in built to help you take a better picture. This is great; however, each of these clever features will consume battery power. For example, your camera might have in-built image stabilization. When you use a tripod this prevents the battery being used up by the image stabilisation feature.

It can be very tempting to view any footage you’ve taken immediately after taking it. The problem here is that viewing footage on the move consumes battery. With this in mind, you should only view footage when you’re back home.

Most modern cameras will have an LCD screen which allows the user to align shots and also carries lots of other useful information. Again this LCD screen consumes power and so you should switch it off when you’re using your device.

The most effective way to prolong your filming tame is take a spare camcorder battery or even several camcorder batteries. This way you needn’t stress about the relatively short lifespan of your power packs, plus you can now buy many camera batteries online.

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