Mitsubishi has always been a fair contributor of technology in the Japanese automotive vehicles. Most of Mitsubishi cars are now known for their reliability and quality standards. Despite of the slow activities of Mitsubishi in the past years, the official records never forgot what it had already given to the market. Now that Mitsubishi is progressively redoing its image as an automobile manufacturer the world’s best manufacturers rankings has given it 11th place in the list. There have been numerous innovatory inventions of Mitsubishi that are always in the lime light. Today we will discuss a highlighted article of Mitsubishi in the used car market of Japan. This model of Mitsubishi falls under the MPV classification and it has never really gone out of the sight on the roads.

The MPV we are talking about is Mitsubishi Airtrek which is also popularly known as Outlander in different regions of the world. There is even hybrid technology now introduced in Mitsubishi Airtrek and the MPV has dragged even more attention of the consumers with its performance effectiveness.

The car was first introduced in the year 2001 and up till now all the models from all its generations have climbed the mountain of success. Mitsubishi Airtrek is fairly an attractive looking car which has gone through reasonable changes every time. The hybrid technology in the car does not attach very user friendly prices with it. Therefore we will highlight the features of Mitsubishi Airtrek from old generations that can perfectly fall in to the price range of many consumers of developing countries.

Technical aspects of Airtrek in each age

The design of Mitsubishi Airtrek from the beginning was enticing. The exterior is beautiful and the specs that are available from a version of 12 years back is not very less than the modern sedan. A 2.0L in capacity engine which could generate the power of 126PS was added in the car. A 2.4L engine could follow as much power as 139PS. The 4 speed semi-automatic transmission remains constant for each of the two engine trims in first generation. The safety test including the crash test was cleared by the car. For SUV its handling ease is admired by the drivers the most. For passengers the ride is a great ease.

In North America the SUV from became the favorite in 2003. The interior and exterior designs were revised. This time bigger headlights were adopted and the grille styling was also revised. The power of this age’s engine was raised to the level of 160PS. In 2004 the addition was the turbo chargeable engine. The car was available with a FWD and 4WD in all the versions of first generation.

A 2.4L engine with 16valve configuration was the best in the second generation. In the same generation and next year there was V6 engine introduced in Used MitsubishiAirtrek. This one had a capacity of 3.0L. The good ratings of the car have always remained consistent as well.

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