There is a very neat solution to all of the documentary legal needs of a small but expanding business. It is to invest in a suite of business documents from another organisation who have analysed the needs of small businesses and created solutions. Template document sets might include corporate documents relating to company formation, dealing with directors, share capital and profits, shareholders, company and asset sale, loan and finance and company secretary and administration matters. Having access to these documents can really save on time and money which would otherwise need to be spent on paying others to draw up bespoke documents.

There is an added advantage when it comes to buying documents such as these; the company supplying the legal templates should ensure that they are all kept up to date. This means that whenever government legislation is introduced, the documents will be updated to make sure that clients who make use of the updates stay on the right side of the law. This can be a great weight off a client’s mind, since there are so many other areas where documentation is required, including employment and health and safety, which are both incredibly detailed and litigious areas. Being able to trust the documents that are being served to employees, clients and even authorities is a huge bonus for small businesses.

Using template legal documents can help to keep a smaller organisation operating cost effectively. This method allows businesses to invest in kosher legal documentation minus the vast majority of hard-work.

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