Whilst there is no doubt that heating a living room or bedroom with a stove will be extremely beneficial, the heat produced by a good stove may well be able to heat more than just a single room. Not only might the heat produced be too much for one small room, but it may also simply be that the rest of the home feels extremely cold in comparison if you do not spread the warmth throughout your entire home.

Whilst leaving doors open to let the heat gently disperse might help, there are other ways to increase your ability to heat your home with a single stove.

Many people avoid doing this, as they are worried that installing ducts will be very costly. However, since hot air rises, rooms above the stove can be gently warmed by adding grills into the ceiling, whilst other rooms may well feel the benefit with the use of simple in-line fans.

Whilst ducts can work, they are not the only way to move warm air around the home, and whichever option you choose, you will always need to make sure that, as the air cools, it is allowed to naturally flow back to the room in which it started.

It will also be important to ensure your stove is working to full capacity. Using wood burner spares to repair any damage and to make sure air flows freely will be extremely important, as will simply using the best quality fuel possible to produce more heat. Without the right stove spares to increase its effectiveness, a stove may only add a little heat to each room instead of making them as cosy as can be.

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