Probably, yes. When making your UK accident claim, if you feel you qualify for a compensation award for personal injury, you will need to prove the accident was not your fault. Also, if you feel the third party is responsible for the damage to your vehicle and that their insurance should pay for it rather than your own, and then you will need a witness to support your no win no fee claim.

What you need to claim for your accident
At the time of the incident, when people are injured and in shock, it can be difficult to think of these things, but there is a set of actions you should perform as soon as possible at the scene of a road traffic accident. Your Accident Advice Helpline solicitor might ask you for the following information:

Exchange of details with the other drivers involved

Contact details of any witnesses

The police report if people were injured

Ideally, if the driver or someone can take photographs and make notes in preparation for the your claim, at the time of the incident, these things can be invaluable. A top no win no fee company such as The Accident Advice Helpline would recommend you to obtain at least one witness. In any case, if people are injured, the driver is obliged by law to report the accident.

Why you need to provide a witness for your no win no fee claim
For any other kinds of accident, which are not road traffic accidents, the support provided by the evidence of a witness strengthens your case. In fact, the best no win no fee company would probably encourage you to find a witness if you can.

No Win No Fee provider
The Accident Advice Helpline is 100% no win no fee. Find out more details and start your claim today.

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