Carpets and rugs – well, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them. They are hard to maintain and keep clean and the situations take a turn for the worse if there is an accidental wine spillage or your furry friend relieved itself in your beloved carpet.

The best step forward is to call in a professional carpet cleaning company that offers detergent free carpet cleaning in Horsham. But if you are still going ahead with that do-it-yourself carpet cleaning regiment of yours, it is best that you pay attention to the following sections where we have listed a few things that you should never use to clean your carpets.

  • Bleach – It is great for white clothes, in small amounts that is but it is a bane for your carpet since it will strip the colour from the carpet fibres.
  • Laundry detergent – This is ideal for clothes and clothes only! If you use it to clean your carpet, the mess will be hard to manage, let alone clean!
  • Abrasive cleansers – Scrubbing is the worst thing you could do to your carpets and rugs which is why using abrasive cleaners is a strict no!

Other cleaning mistakes

Time and again, homeowners learnt this the hard way that the ideal way to clean carpets and rugs is to leave it all on the hands of a professional carpet cleaning company.

People often don’t go for this at first since they think that they can do it all by themselves all the while saving a few bucks. Well, it is all well and good until they start the chore. Cleaning carpets, rugs and that too without the right tools and techniques is backbreaking work!

On top of that, there are a few mistakes that one might make while cleaning their carpets. Some of them are as follows:

  • Using too much cleaner, shampoo to be specific – Excess shampoo is often used by homeowners while they are cleaning their carpets and rugs on their own. They think that using an excess of shampoo will give better results. Well, that is not the case. Not only the soapy mess will be hard to clean, but it will also leave off a dirty residue on your carpet after it dries off.
  • Using too much water – An excess of water can make your carpet fibres the breeding ground for allergy causing fungi and mould.

What’s the solution then? Simple – call in the professionals for the best results


Professional carpet cleaning companies often prefer the dry method of carpet cleaning. The technical term for the same is the dry extraction technique. It is a moisture controlled process which is extremely beneficial for those homes where there is an abundance of wooden furniture, wooden floors and walls.

On top of that, professional carpet cleaning companies make sure that they are taking care while handling the extracted dirt from your carpets. The reason is simple though – to make sure that you and your loved ones are kept safe from an allergy attack!


Calling in the professional carpet cleaners is your best bet since they offer a plethora of advantages to homeowners, they know the tricks and tips to tackle heavy furniture and work around expensive electronics. They minimize the use of wet cleaning techniques to keep moisture-related damage at a minimum in your home.

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