For many people using a dry cleaning service is part of their daily lives whether to clean items of clothing every week or to wash bedding or preserve a wedding gown into the future. Dry cleaning is an integral piece of many household routines. As consumers grow savvier and aware of the personal and environmental cost of toxic chemicals many people are choosing to use companies that utilize organic products when caring for their client’s dry cleaning needs.

As customers search for cleaner alternatives many dry cleaning businesses have made the decision to switch their business practices and go green. There are numerous reasons why this is a good choice and Kitsilano dry cleaning alternatives can be found in Vancouver’s west side. If you are considering a move to an organic dry cleaning company comparing the pros and cons of each option may help you to make a healthy decision that benefits you and your family.

Traditional Cleaners

Use of Toxic Chemicals

It is increasingly becoming common knowledge that exposure to harmful chemicals often leads to health issues and skin irritations. It is also problematic for the environment, damaging water systems and adding pollution to the atmosphere. Regular dry cleaning companies typically use a chemical compound called tetrachloroethylene or PERC. Environment Canada warns it can cause many health problems and even kidney and liver damage.

Environmental Concerns

Many consumers are attempting to make greener choices in their lives and how they wash their clothing is often one of the first changes they make. When doing laundry at home it is easy to choose a less toxic product but with a dry cleaner they do not decide on the cleaning solution that is used. The business does. A regular dry cleaning service is likely still using products that are made up of chemicals that are harmful to the surrounding environment.

Bringing Toxins into the Home

If you are choosing to stay with a dry cleaning company that still used cleaning chemicals such as PERC be aware that not only is it on your clothes or blankets after they have been washed there you are also bringing it into your home. If your personal items have just had a chemical bath this will affect the atmosphere in the house and when you wear it you are exposing the space to these toxins that are not healthy.

Allergens and Irritants

Odours, scents and chemicals cause many to react. During the dry cleaning process your clothing or gowns are cleaned using solvents instead of water and which are often harmful and can be irritating to the skin. They may also not smell as fresh as one would like. Chemicals are used instead of using water to get the items cleaned and this can affect those who are wearing them or who have them in their house.

Organic Cleaners

Earth Friendly

Organic dry cleaning companies are dedicated to creating a product that is not damaging to the environment and instead safeguards the community from harmful, cancer-causing neurotoxins that leach into our waters and pollute the air we breathe. Choosing an environmentally friendly cleaning option means you are one more consumer who is contributing to the push to go green and making choices to help heal the world.

Organic Techniques

By using natural solvent-free products and techniques to clean customers personal items organic dry cleaning companies are making the choice not to expose their clients to chemicals such as PERC. This is beneficial in so many ways and instead of using a product that contributes to health issues in the short and long term they use natural cleaning methods that minimize risk and may even be milder than most household products.

Chemical-Free Homes

As the potential damage and health risks caused by toxic chemicals and products become more well-known many consumers are making the personal decision to limit the number brought into their homes. Though this always matters it is especially important when there are children or pets in the home. When using an organic dry cleaning alternative you are keeping out carcinogens and keeping the home clean.

Fresh Scents

Organic dry cleaning alternative companies opt to use cleaning products which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Because of this when you get items back you will find they do not have strong perfumes or any chemicals smells that can be off-putting. Plant-based products do not contribute to allergies and you will not find yourself affected by artificial or toxic scents as you might with traditional cleaning.

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