The last decade, Bahrain has made its name as one of the most popular and fast developing tourist destination in the Middle East. This is a Kingdom which combines a taste of the modern Arab culture and landmark historical places which makes it a fascination to most travellers. With a hot and dry climate most of the year, this destination is very attractive to tourists from most winter-prone countries, offering popular activities such as horse riding, scuba diving and bird watching among others. The following are some of the top destinations to visit while in Bahrain.

1. Bahrain National Museum- Manama

This is arguably Bahrain’s most popular travel destination.-The attractive building houses artefacts from Bahrain’s ancient civilization, telling the enthralling story through various exhibits found here.-The museum showcases archaeological discoveries such as beautiful agate and earthenware burial jars which were traced from the ancient Dilmun.-It was opened in 1988 and covers the Kingdom’s 6000 year history.-Here, you will learn much about local histories of pearl fishing and related information.-The museum has several galleries, shops, halls and a cafeteria located within its compound

2. Tree of life- Manama

This is a fascinating evergreen tree found in a desert about 2 kilometers from Jebel Dukhan. – It is estimated to be between 500-800 years old .-The tree is a fascination to many who finds it mysterious since it lacks a known source of water despite its nourished look while standing alone in the desert.-It is among the seven wonders of nature, attracting over 50 000 tourists annually.

3. Al Fateh Mosque- Manama

This is one of the largest mosques in the world, and among the largest building in Bahrain. It has a capacity of housing up to 7000 people at a time.-It was assembled using collection materials from Austria, Italy and India. It is built with marble, glass and teak wood with its most attractive part being a large fiberglass dome which gives an enthralling view at night.-Guided tours around the mosque are provided and both Muslims and Non-Muslim tourists are welcome.-This mosque was built in 1988.

4. Bahrain International Circuit- Sakhir

This is a Motorsport circuit established in March, 2004 and is a huge attraction to sport tourists.-It is majorly popular with Grand Prix, which is held here every month of March. -It also hosts other sports such as drag racing, V8 super cars competitions, Desert 400 and other major events.-The destination has a Grand Prix track, paddock circuit, drag strip, oval track and inner and outer track among others.

5. AI Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve- Sakhir

Found in Zallaq Village, about 40 minutes’ drive from Manama Centre, this wildlife park is a home to a large number of flora and fauna.-The Park has over 500 animal species and 10 000 plant species. -Most notable animals here are the graceful Arabian Oryx and Rhim Gazelle. It also attracts large numbers of migratory birds every year.-Visitors are taken around the park in guided bus tours.

Bahrain has numerous other travel destinations including; Bahrain World Trade Centre, King Fand Causeway and Qal’at Al Bahrain among others.-A valid Bahrain Visa is required for one to be granted entry into the Kingdom. A Bahrain Tourist Visa should take 1-2 weeks to get processed. -You can check online for Bahrain Visa application form and other necessary information.

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