If you decided to attend a London acting school, you will quickly realize that there are many acting schools you can choose from. But how do you decide on the right one? You will need to consider a few things before making your choice. Here’s the breakdown of what you need to take into account. 


The best marketing is a word-of-mouth marketing. If you’ve heard something good about one or two acting schools in London, ask more questions about their audition, their acceptance rate and so on.

The Main Focus ofthe School

Acting school focus on theater or film so you need to figure out what kind of career do you want and make your choice accordingly.

The Faculty

You want to know as much as possible about the teachers of the school you are interested in. The teachers will influence your development as an actor so you want to make sure your will be working with working actors.


Besides classes in acting, your London school should have courses like: auditioning, vocal production, movement, acting for the camera, costumes and make-up courses.

Training Methods

You want the school that can offer many acting techniques as you still do not know which techniques work best for you.


You need opportunities to work if you want to become a good actor. The acting school you choose should put you on the stage as much as possible. Working in front of casting directors and agents is a must. Ask a lot of questions about this and try to find out whether the school offers a lot of these opportunities for its students or not.

Length of Studies

Decide how much time you want to dedicate to acting and then find a school that can offer the program you would be most comfortable with. Maybe you are not sure whether you want to become an actor yet. That’s not a problem, but then you need to choose a London acting school that will allow you to start with several acting classes only so you can take it from there.

Acting Degree

When you finish your acting training, you will want to receive a degree. Check with the school about the degree you will receive once you finish with the classes. It’s natural that you will have more options if you receive a Bachelor’s degree and even more options if you receive a Masters.

Preparing For the Marketplace

It would be great to choose a London acting school that can help you to land your first job. If you can get help with resumes, headshots and cover letters that would mean a lot for you. Seminars and workshops with working professionals will also benefit you greatly, so ask if the school you are interested in offers these kinds of things. Schools with a film department are also an interesting choice because you will have an opportunity to work with future filmmakers.

The Price

You will need to cover a lot of costs so it would be great if your school offers some kind of financial aid. Consider how much money you can invest in your acting career and then choose accordingly. Bear in mind you will have to pay for the books, tuition, room, supplies, transportation and many other things.

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