Every year a large amount of vegetation is wasted as it is destructed by pests. This phenomenon is not limited to any one country, but pests are a common problem faced by farmers worldwide. If their growth is not controlled on time, pests can damage the entire crop and lead to significant damage. A number of techniques are adopted by people to limit or control the pest destruction caused in fields. Some of these techniques are mentioned here:

The most popular and widely used technique is definitely the cultural controls. In this practice, common farm practices are modified for avoiding pests. In other words, this technique is aimed at making the environment least favourable for the pests to grow in. Crop rotation, strip cropping, sanitation, trap cropping and polyculture are some methods commonly included in the technique of cultural controls. These techniques are very effective and as well as least expensive. It does not involve the use of any chemicals and products. By bringing some changes in the way crops are grown, the growth of pests can be controlled.

Next technique involves the use of chemicals which are designed for killing the pests. This is also among the earlier methods, which have been used since many decades. However, the chemicals used nowadays are more advanced and powerful than what were used in past. Due to their effectiveness these chemicals are not only able to eliminate the pests currently destructing the crop but also stop their further growth. Some common types of chemicals include repellents, miticides and insecticides. These chemicals can be synthetic or natural, although the use of natural chemicals is being promoted these days, as such chemicals do not cause any harm to the surrounding environment.

Biological control is another method in which beneficial organisms are used for controlling pests. In this technique, also known as microbial control, insects like viruses, fungi and bacteria are used for eliminate the pests and control their growth. By letting these insects dwell on the plants, pests can be eliminated without much effort.

Physical controls like adding barriers and traps are also some common practices used for controlling the pest destruction. However the use of such techniques is usually seen in small areas. Greenhouses are a good example of places where such techniques are used. By using these methods pests can be controlled from attacking the plants and cause any damage to the surroundings.

For larger areas other easier and effective techniques are used. Therefore before choosing the right technique for pest destruction control it is essential to analyze factors such as total area, kind of pests you are dealing with etc.

The techniques adopted these days for controlling pest destruction are a lot different than what was used earlier. Today’s Pest Control St. Albans techniques are much more advanced and more effective. This has been possible due to the better understanding we have been able to gain about pests and thus developed new ways which can be effective in controlling the destruction they lead to.

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