It is fair to say that even very small business (especially commercial companies) can be forced to take on a great deal of sensitive documentation during the course of a year. Whilst it may be necessary to retain data of this kind in paper form (companies are in fact legally obliged to retain various types of data) it can present a number of problems, the most significant being space.

Let’s face it; most small businesses aren’t blessed with premises that have space to spare. Moreover it is also quite often the case that most companies of smaller means have to share premises with other businesses or can only afford to site themselves in areas where security is not overly great.

Naturally, trying to store sensitive information in buildings which have very little storage space and/or where security is an issue is hardly ideal as these are conditions in which criminal minded individuals often identify ‘opportunities’.

Happily, there is a simple way for small businesses to keep on top of their data storage issues and that is to take advantage of companies offering professional document shredding services.

These service providers collect confidential documents direct from a company’s premises and transport them to a secure off-site shredding compound where they are shredded to BSIA standards. Once an entire load of unwanted documents has been completely shredded, service providers present their clients with a certificate of destruction to keep for their own records.

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