Don’t be too excited to see people coming to attend your business as they are also the ones who can tune out right away – should they not find it convincing! Now the real trouble begins when we tell you that the satisfied as well as the dissatisfied customers are more than willing to enjoy their right to inform the rest of the world about what you have and what you don’t have! This means that the good and the bad feedback – both are waiting at the doorstep for you. While it may seem almost impossible to satisfy almost all of them that come to your page, you can at least find out what you should be doing to keep most of them engaged so that they leave with a good experience.

Here are a few important but often overlooked suggestions that can help you explore what you can actually do to keep your users interested and involved in your business or brand.

Drawing the line of aesthetic appeal
If it looks good, you have come almost half way! Make sure that everything you have in store looks really nice and can grab attention. Make sure that you have an easy access to your store which is free of all the clutter than can completely mar the experience of your customers. Keep it in a neat and clean condition.

Smile even if you don’t want to
This may sound a bit harsh on you but you will need to do it if you are running a business and wish to display that “warm welcome” feel on the face (both yours and of the store!). No matter how tiring your day was, you must welcome your customers with a smile which sets the tone of the first impression. When it comes to conversions over phones, let them “feel” it.

Focus on the customers
This may sound like an obvious advice but unfortunately it goes overlooked in most of the cases. Focus on the customers and avoid distractions. Give them your time and be available to attend their problems, should they face any.

Anticipate their requirements
Not everything is meant to say, particularly when you have customers who are hesitating. It will be a great idea to help your customers find out what they need, even before they have told you or realised themselves. Guide them in fetching the best of their choice, based on their opinions, taste and preferences. Encourage the most “suitable” and not the most “expensive”. Look for their needs, not yours! It will help you in building relationships with customers in the long run.

Say “thank you”
That’s like signing off with things – beautifully and perfectly! This is important in customer relationship. This simply means you value their presence and are looking forward to more! This is enough to indicate that they are most welcome – always!

You should also learn to know your customers and not just their taste. It will help you in offering them a valued and personalised service, the next time they want to be attended by you! Treat them with utmost sincerity and value their precious time. They are bound to get addicted to your brand!

Author Bio:- I learn life lessons the hard and easy ways, I am also able to keep myself happy. I use my learnings and my positive mentality in helping people be it drafting the personal statement UCAS requires, looking for blood donors for patients in immediate need and many more.

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