Time flies fast, and before you know it, you have already turned 50. This age is vital for everyone as it depicts wisdom and experience. You no longer make rash decisions, and most aspects of your life, like family, finances, career, etc., are settled. Both men and women after 50 feel lonely as their kids are all grown up, and they have nothing fruitful to do in their spare time. They feel bored and have ample time not to know what to do with it.

Reddy Kancharla is an esteemed civil engineer with over 30 years of credible experience in construction QA/QC projects, corrective action planning, and civil engineering troubleshooting. He has built earth retaining structures, shallow and deep foundations, residential and commercial buildings, roadway structures, and bridges.

Talented, Skilled, And Experienced In Construction Projects

He is known for his immense talent and skill displayed in some of the famous buildings in New York and New Jersey in the USA. In addition, he shares insights about his valuable experience and offers advice to professionals on doing their projects better with practical solutions. Recently, he launched a blog with civil engineering tips for both new and old engineers.

Besides the above, he has relevant experience in remedial design, the investigation of failures in the structure, construction phases, corrective action planning, and the management of diverse project elements like budgeting and other principles related to building management and civil construction work.

Keep Yourself Engaged In A Hobby You Love

Besides work, he thinks, everyone should have a hobby, which holds for people over the age of 50. Most people are busy building their wealth and looking after their family members their whole life. As a result, they do not get the time to pursue what they adore, like following a hobby that gives them joy.

Take Control Of Your Life

Most men and women believe life ends at this age and there is nothing meaningful for them to do. So they stay at home, watch television, take the dog out for a walk and lead a sedentary life. Taking control of life after 50 is no hassle if you have the right hobby.

Give Importance To Yourself First

According to him, people should regain control of their lives after 50 by pursuing something they love. You can start by looking at what you like to do the most. Remember, it is prudent to love yourself first, and sometimes you might have to refuse plans that other family members and friends fix for you. It is alright for you to say “no.” Give time to yourself; this is the first step to take control of your life.

Reddy Kancharla recommends you make a list of the things you like to do and get out of your comfort zone. Then, besides pursuing a hobby you love, you can conquer fear, like, for instance, eating at a restaurant on your own. The thought might sound daunting, but it is worth giving a shot and works wonders for building your confidence.