Security is paramount at different business sites, especially the construction units. There are multiple device options that one can use for the security cover, including CCTV cameras. They provide an excellent way to monitor every corner of the site 24×7, ensuring no intruder activity at any given time. Owners of residential and commercial properties opt for the CCTV devices and install them to keep the entire area under surveillance.

This installation option works fine for the fixed areas. However, if you want to secure a site that is fast growing, the ideal way is the rapid deployment towers. It will increase the coverage by giving a 360-degree panoramic view. In addition, there are many other benefits of deploying these towers. Let us discuss them in detail.

Benefits Of Rapid Deployment Towers:-

Easy Installation

Fixed cameras are an expensive option and require intensive labour work. You would have to put in a lot of effort in finding the right experts and invest time and money for the entire installation. On the other hand, rapid towers save you from all the trouble, as they can get installed quickly without any hassle. Within minutes you can put these towers at the site and monitor the area without any caballing or power connection.

Better Coverage

These towers have a wide range of coverage. Even the most basic ones can support surveillance of up to 200 meters. CCTV cameras at the same time can only cover about 3 meters of the area, and there is no provision of a 360-degree view. Thus, installing these towers is a fruitful option for the sites that will expectedly grow in the coming days. You will not have to expand your security devices as the site grows because, with these towers, coverage is never an issue.


Another advantage of this arrangement is that it is fully autonomous. In addition, most products have solar backing, ensuring that it works fine at locations with inadequate power supply.


As discussed earlier, the rapid deployment towers have better coverage and can cover the entire site better than the fixed CCTV cameras. Thus, there is no need to keep installing cameras at different locations on a site, saving you a lot of money. Moreover, you will only have to maintain and repair a tower and not countless CCTV cameras. That makes it a more cost-effective option than the other security options.

There are many benefits of opting for these towers, but you would have to get in touch with proficient experts. Carry out thorough research and explore multiple brands and experts in your area. You can also seek suggestions from people in your network and direct your search towards the recommendations they give. Educate yourself about the options and source the equipment from a reliable expert to enjoy all the perks!