Some people are looking for a new career. They’re tired of office life and working for someone else. Thankfully this isn’t the only way to make a living and becoming self employed isn’t as complicated and challenging as people think. There are all kinds of tried and tested routes and business models to help people step off the corporate treadmill and work for themselves instead.

Working as a driving instructor is a nice way to make a living. It’s an easy way to get started with a viable business model. With a bit of marketing and a growing reputation, the calls and emails should start coming in. Self employed instructors can set their own hours and there’s real satisfaction watching pupils progress from nervous beginners through to passing their test. To get started would be instructors need an adapted car with dual controls and they’ll need to make sure that they have the appropriate instructor insurance.

This is a different situation to regular driving. Any policy must reflect this. There are plenty of specialist insurance providers out there who cover this niche. When it comes to searching for driving instructor insurance it pays to use the services of a broker. They can find the best policy, with the right level of cover at the best price. Running a business is all about controlling costs and getting a better deal on insurance really helps over the course of a year. Anyone thinking about striking out on their own and becoming an instructor should research a service like this.

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