Selling a car is not quite the same as selling other things. Cars are obviously very expensive objects, they’re also potentially unsafe. Therefore, there’s a lot of protocol you should go through before you decide to sell your car.

You might want to check a car valuation guide to check whether you’re selling the vehicle at the right car value. If you’re selling a car privately you won’t necessarily know what price your car should fetch on the market, but you can use online price guides to help you with this.

You might also get a current MOT. If you have a recent MOT then this is a great assurance to buyers, who might otherwise think you’re hiding something.

Another way to provide assurance to would be buyers is to ensure you’ve collected all the relevant paperwork pertaining to your vehicle together. This will show to your buyers that again you’ve got nothing to hide, and it is also a legal requirement.

Whilst there are lots of things that you need to do to ensure you’re selling a safe vehicle, there are aspects of car selling that are similar to any kind of selling. For instance, when you’re writing a car advert you should put in a lot of effort, include photographs from every angle and most importantly be very honest about the car’s condition.

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