Regular vehicular servicing is an important responsibility of being a car owner. For daily commuting activities, you depend so much on your car. In the wake of an unexpected breakdown or sudden technical issues, you are left frustrated in a lurch. Regular car servicing doesn’t negate the possibility of a glitch, however, it certainly brings down their frequency and the intensity of loss. 

Although getting your car serviced isn’t a legal binding, there are several reasons why you must get it done on a timely basis. 

Ensures safety

With the periodic servicing, it becomes easier to track down the faults in the early stage, which could otherwise escalate if left unattended. Vehicular servicing specifically focuses on the critical car components like suspension and brake system so that they remain in optimal working condition. The whole exercise leaves you with the sense of confidence and peace of mind that your four-wheeler is safe to ply on roads.

Also, just because you are experiencing a hassle-free ride at the moment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the internal machinery of your car is performing optimally as well. As the numbers spike on your drive-meter, your vehicle also tends to undergo wear and tear over time, however, since this deterioration happens internally and hidden from your sight, the driver might not experience or feel any noticeable change. 

This could hush you into a false sense of safety, mistakenly thinking that everything is okay because nothing major has happened with your car so far. 

Saves money 

Failing to avail yearly servicing of your car just to save a few bucks could lead you to heavier expenses later on. With car servicing, you could identify the hidden faults early on, which would later become critical and expensive to rectify. 

For example, take the case of engine oil- it’s principal functionality is to lubricate and protect the internal car parts from developing friction. In its absence, the engine could seize, resulting in extensive and costly repairs. Car servicing exercise includes the checking of engine oil level and immediately replace/refill if required. 

With regular servicing, you could save a few bucks at filling stations too. Cleaning of air filters and oiling improves the car machinery and make it fuel-efficient. Consequently, driving expense falls. 


There is no denying to the fact that by sticking to the regular servicing routine, you could add a few more years to the life of your car. And with more and more people choosing to hold onto their vehicle for a longer duration, regular servicing is imperative if you wish to enjoy the hassle-free ride for a long time. 

So,  invest in car servicing now to keep your four-wheeler as good as new and its machinery in the optimal working condition. 

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  1. Thank you for suggesting here the importance of regular car servicing. Regular servicing is essential for ensuring that all components are functioning correctly, from oil changes and brake inspections to checking tire pressure and fluid levels. Furthermore, servicing helps to maintain optimal fuel efficiency and minimize emissions, thus contributing to a more sustainable environment.

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