“Weddings are made in heaven” is a wise saying, but weddings in summer,  though expensive due to many like you to have it in the best time of the year, it is worth the money. Also, except for the high temps and UV rays, there is nothing to stop the excitement of these weddings. Be it on the foothills of a mountain or the beach or a poolside, it is a dream comes true in the right way for the bride, groom, and joy for the guests.  

Indoor or outdoor summer weddings are the idle choice for any couple to start together with their happy journey in life. In addition, to make it the best day of their life, there are many new ideas to make it the best wedding ceremony for the guests to talk about it for a long time. Since the guests are the near and dear ones that the bride and groom cherish in their life and to be proud of being part of their wedding ceremony, making sure they enjoy it with their families is essential. 

New ideas for summer weddings 

  • Send customized wedding invitations with hints of what they can expect on your big day
  • Welcome the guests with gifts of essential things that could help them in the hot summer weather like bug repellent, sunscreen, straw hats among others
  • Greet the guests with creative signature cocktails that will quench their thirst and make them happy of coming to the wedding
  • Hiring an ice cream truck which could send the kids to  frenzy and even to  the surprise of the adults to make the most of it
  • Have coconut water stand for guests to be not only hydrated but also energetic in their participation of your dream wedding
  • Host the dining in the warm sunshine for the guest to enjoy the warm weather except in cases of high temps and UV rays
  • The summer wedding menu should be light and fresh from beating the heat and should have simple grilled fish or chicken, fresh salad with seasonal vegetables
  • Never forget to add the watermelon snacks as part of the menu and keep napkins to wipe out the juices from the mouth of the guests

 Tying a knot in summer is just great, but making the summer weddings memorable not only for the bride and groom but for all guests is essential.