When people go kayaking, they generally get confused if they should go for a tandem or single kayak to have a lot of adventure. The most important thing is that every kayaker holds their preference, it is quite important to understand that both options come with excellent advantages which you can use to enhance your experience. You should keep these things in your mind to determine which one will be ideal for your tour.

Understand The Prominent Differences

The prominent difference between the two prominent kayaks is truly obvious since a tandem kayak holds two seats. Though, this is also about whether a tandem kayak is truly heavier in comparison to a single kayak. As long as you plan to hold two people in the tandem kayak, it should not be an issue. When it comes to using the same paddling technique in both boats, “riding tandem” is all about synchronizing your movement to keep entire control over the boat. Single touring kayak has been quite popular these days and it is worth it indeed.

Define Your Purpose

Experience Kaykers are required to develop their own style. While some people love the companionship as well as bonding that tandem kayaks impart others do prefer to be able to control their experience by paddling following a Single touring kayak. If you would be kayaking with a close friend or spouse, then a tandem kayak would be allowing you to share experiences together indeed. Though, you probably prefer a single kayak in case you enjoy a bit more freedom to explore.

Doing kayak means you would be exercising your mind as well as your body indeed. It is quite expressed when the sea is truly calm as well as reflective. It almost seems like you are paddling in the sky because of the reflection. You may even close your eyes as well as just follow the rhythm truly. But you need to make sure you open your eyes occasionally.

Contemplate Your Skill Level

Beginners generally prefer to kick off in a tandem kayak since this allows a guide to teach them the basics of paddling. Tandem kayaks are also adhered to go slower and it allows one person to take a short break in case they get tired while paddling. Single kayaks can truly be used by beginners since it only takes a few minutes in order to learn the basics of paddling down the river. You probably also prefer a single kayak if you truly want a lightweight boat that goes quicker in the water.


Professionals do have both tandem and single kayaks and you may choose the right one accordingly to have a lot of adventure.