A perfect detox holiday is not complete until you have taken up the spa and wellness therapies in the magical land of Devon. While the gentle rolling verdant countryside will be a treat to eyes, you need to detoxify your body to explore the prehistoric caverns, vineyards or the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Imagine a fun and adventurous day in the Devon tourist attractions –take a session of spa and you are rejuvenated all over again from the sore muscles and cranky mind.

So let’s have a quick look on how you can turn your Devon breaks into bliss –

Detox holiday opportunities not to be missed

As the name suggests, de-tox or detoxification helps to remove any toxic substances, be it alcohol or other that you have the intake. However instead of taking some antidote medication or going through medical therapies, detox diet during your holiday can turn your Devon holiday into bliss.

Detox Diet –Organic fruit, vegetables and even meat or egg can be beneficial to you. Don’t also forget to taste the freshly squeezed fruit juice in 3-4 times a day. Go for only the rich flavoured products sourced directly from the producers. The organic and Fairtrade coffee is for non-alcoholics and the artisan wine and cheese is for wine aficionados.

Detox Sunbathing– During your Devon breaks, spend some leisurely moments soaking in Vitamin D by the pools or overlooking the English Channel or North Atlantic Ocean. Bring a sun lounger and umbrella –in case you do not possess one, visit a spa or poolside wellness centre.

A rejuvenating plunge –The poolside spa or wellness centre in Devon gives you the opportunity to enjoy some leisurely moments in the water. The heated pools or hot water baths help in reducing muscle cramps and tension from your mind.

Spa therapies –The spas of Devon ensure perfect tranquillity within the treatment or massage rooms. Come with your partner or your kids, or bring your whole family together to have the detox treatment. Certified professionals are there to ease your mind and your muscles up so that you can enjoy your Devon breaks to the fullest .

Nature walks –Traverse through the woods by getting lost in the serenity or walks barefoot on the wet sands of the beach –nature is there to detoxify your body in Devon.

Early Morning Yoga Sessions  

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In the pristine countryside charm of Devon, the early morning yoga and meditation will work like wonder. Certified and experienced yoga instructors will not only provide you with personal sessions but also create a healthy atmosphere with the group workshops.  

Spa Therapies in Devon

With fully organic and natural products like seaweed and sea salt, the detoxifying treatments on Devon breaks should definitely not to be missed this summer. The salty breeze clogs skin pores while the scorching sun rays create blemishes. The salt scrub, seaweed wraps and blemish control facials are the best services to bring back your glow in the skin after the busy sightseeing tour.

Infused with the Atlantic Ocean breeze and the virgin countryside appeal, summer vacationing in Devon comes up with various detoxifying services that you should jump into. From a beach walk to sunbathing, swimming in the heated pool to getting a seaweed wrap –there is much to do during your detox holiday.

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