Low libido is a condition that refers to the reduction in sex drive which can obstruct sexual activity. Even though low sex drive and electrical dysfunction can co-exist in men, however, it should not be confused with ED. According to the doctors of Alabama Men’s Clinic, it’s the first step for couples passing through such a situation is to communicate friendly and frank to identify the possible causes of low libido. To treat low libido and ED, followed by medical evaluation, doctors can suggest treatment procedures that vary and might involve psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, hormone replacement, medication, etc.

Low Libido In Men: Causes

Low libido or low sex desire can be caused due to one or more factors as stated below:

  • Low T or Low testosterone levels
  • Depression
  • Chronic diseases
  • Depression
  • Stress

What Exactly Libido Is?

Libido defines the desire for sex in a person. A range of factors including hormones and their fluctuation, the function of the brain, and behaviors, apart from age likely to impact an individual’s libido.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a vital sex hormone that remains responsible to produce sperm, maintain sex drive, and form general physical characteristics in men like body muscle, facial hair, etc. it is one of the three vital hormones which take care of the functioning of the male reproductive system. (The other two include luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)).

The testosterone levels reach the apex point during the teenage and early adulthood of males and subsequently drop nearly 1 to 2% a year starting from 30 years of their age. This is a general phenomenon, however, one with low T or decreased level of testosterone suffers from a condition called hypogonadism

3 Potential Causes Of Low Libido

  • Consumption of different medications including antidepressants, anticonvulsants, etc. can have a negative impact on the sex drive of men.
  • Drug abuse or excessive drinking of alcohol. Smoking may also affect the level of testosterone in men as well as the sex drive in them.
  • Being overweight or obese may impair metabolism and normal way of hormone functioning and thus can total count of desired testosterone and sex libido.


Reputed clinics like Alabama Men’s Clinic follow a variety of treatment methods as planned after evaluation of the criticality of Low T levels causing low desire for physical intimacy.

Counseling: Educating patients about physical intimacy, and behaviors help many people with low libido avoid anxieties pertaining to sexual functions. Clear-cut and open communication with both couples in the counseling session can support them to overcome the obstacles and lead a healthy married life.

Stress Management: Stress management has been proven as a great way to prevent or mitigate stress-induced indications like low sex drive or libido.

Hormone Therapy: Hormone therapy or testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is another effective way that helps improve the level of testosterone and thereby low libido as well as ED if it is caused by lack of physical neeeds.

Lifestyle Change: Bringing improvement in lifestyle by quitting smoking, consumption of alcohol, intake of a healthy diet, having quality sleep, and practicing exercise can also help boost sex libido and testosterone count.