Heart failure is a common condition that is found in large numbers of people across the globe. It is a condition that may give rise to other major or complicated heart issues if it is left untreated for a long time. Medically, heart failure is referred to as congestive heart failure and this condition arises when blood is not properly pumped by the muscles of the heart. Due to this, the blood may back up and there is a build up of fluids in the lungs. As a result of this, pressure is exerted on the entire chest region due to which symptoms such as shortness of breath are experienced by the patients. 

Like all other heart diseases or disorders, there are certain causes behind the occurrence of heart failure as explained below:-

Fault In The Heart Valves

Evidently, heart valves have an important role to play in the task of pumping blood to the body parts. When heart valves undergo any damage such as mitral valve regurgitation or other types of issues then chances of heart failure are increased greatly. Damaged heart valves require hard efforts by the heart to perform the pumping action which in turn increases the risk of heart failure.

Certain Types Of Heart Diseases 

There is a number of heart diseases including coronary artery disease, heart attack, arrhythmias and so on that may also become the major causative factors of heart diseases. Such diseases make the heart weaker and hence the blood pumping action is also reduced to great extents. Under such conditions, the chances of heart failure are increased significantly.

Extremely High Blood Pressure

People who suffer from the problem of high blood pressure due to faulty eating habits, wrong lifestyle, age or other factors are also at high risk of getting affected with the problem of heart failure. The heart muscles become weak due to the extra work they have to perform in order to maintain blood flow through the heart and thus risk of heart failure is there. The heart muscles have to exert put in the extra effort so that blood may be pumped normally which ultimately leads to heart failure.

Certain Heart Defects From Birth Time 

Some people get affected with heart failure or are highly prone to suffer from this condition due to certain defects in their heart right from their birth such as mitral valve regurgitation. Certain heart parts may not develop properly in some people when they are born. Such defects may, later on, become the cause of heart failure.

This was all about heart failure and possible causes for the same. All these causes or risk factors must be taken into account in case you experience any of the symptoms of heart failure so that timely treatments may be opted for.