Summer has arrived and the Spring weather and it’s time to set up your Garden for the summer period. As after a long winter season, nothing feels more satisfying and refreshing enjoying among friends throwing an outdoor soiree. It’s difficult to arrange for a summer Garden party as you have to arrange a lot of things to make it memorable. You can also hire DJ Essex to throw a memorable summer garden party that everyone loves. You can think of the wood furniture, delicious seasonal food, tasty drinks, and resting in the long-awaited sun. Below are some of the tips that will help you to decorate your garden for preparing a stylish and entertaining summer garden party:

Cleanliness:  If you are hosting a summer garden party you must make sure that your garden is clean, tidy with smooth walking and do not forget to remove dead-heads off flowers and hide away any gardening tools or unwanted things. A clean and tidy garden gives a refreshing feeling that everyone loves. A clear and tidy area will allow you to see the actual space to decorate and make it stylish. 

A Perfect Menu:  The second thing that your guests are interested in is the menu. So you should design a menu that your guests will remember. It’s always good to start the party with seasonal fruit drinks or a lemonade with fresh sprigs of mint/lavender or chilled bears. You can go for a delicious seasonal food or can go for cuts of meat for hosting a big bash. Can also add burgers, hotdogs and ribs for handy and tasty food.

Sitting Arrangements:  You must host a party after calculating the number of guests that can fit into our garden area, to make sure there is enough seating with comfortness provided to each guest. In a daytime party, people would like to stand up and wander around, whereas, for an evening party, they would like to have seats and that you must have for everyone. And if you are not able to decide, you can take help of DJ Essex for all your arrangements.

Decorations:  Choosing a themed party can ensure your party a stylish one. That means you have to match every piece of your flatware, servingware and drinkware. You can simply dress the table with all the trimmings with a matching theme. Lay individual place settings with napkins and cutlery etc. as per theme. You can put dot jam jars filled with flowers or use sleek and modern elements for a stunning tabletop.

Lighting Up In Dawn:  Decorate the garden area with colourful lights. As soon as dusk falls, you can switch on some decorative lights to set the mood. Go for a long string of bulbs or dazzling lights for an outdoor and festoons along the garden fence. Also, scatter a series of small colourful bulbs or lanterns in the garden area. 

Set up a photo booth:  Everyone is excited and wishes to be clicked at a party. A party is incomplete without a photo booth. You can set a photo booth corner to capture memorable moments. Your guests can take their photographs and have fun times perfectly. You can also leave a camera out at the booth to encourage guests to snap away. The garden background can provide beautiful photos.

Fire Bowl:  Fire bowls can also be useful at evening and night party times and you can treat your guests with a rural life in the backyard. This way guests can  have fun and a memorable experience in the party. 

Keep bugs at bay:  Keeping bugs away is one of the important things to do for hosting and making the party flawless. It is suggested to make sure to quell mosquitoes and flies with a selection of bug zappers and netting around.


A simple and pre-planned arrangement will add a sophisticated touch to a garden party. As summer calls for drinks, delicious food, and great company and to host guests in style with these garden party ideas for summer. The above tips will ensure that your family and friends will be interested and keep coming back for such summer parties.