It is always good to make your will for all your possessions so that after you there is no love lost between the family members and the best way of going for it is to hire wills and probate lawyer. These lawyers specialise in the formation of wills and their execution and therefore they will be able to provide you with a greater number of options relating to the planning of an estate. In case you are a legal hire or have been appointed to execute a will of a person then also a probate lawyer can help you understand the responsibilities and the legal rights that you have and can help you follow the probate process conveniently and with no errors.

Process of Probating

As stated above, wills and probate lawyers specialise in planning, framing and executing the will of a deceased person and in distributing his or her property to the lawful owners as per the person’s desire. They also handle disputes related to the execution, creation and any other aspects of the will.

There can be many tax and legal issues involved in the process of creation and execution of a will/testament in the United Kingdom. It is important that you choose a specialist legal team for making and executing your will, which will ensure that your loved ones do not face troubles and are not cheated or manipulated later on. Here are some questions that you should ask your legal team before hiring them for such an important task.

What exposure does the team have?

It is very important that the wills and probate legal team that you choose have good exposure and experience in servicing clients in the wills segment in the UK. Even if the legal firm is new, it should have some experienced lawyers on their team. Experience and possession of good qualifications ensure that the firm is able to deliver to your needs with proper advice, planning and final execution without any hassles whatsoever.

What is the fee involved?

It is important that you know all the service charges of a specialist legal team and firm that you are going to hire beforehand. It is up to you to decide whom to choose for doing your work and for that you should enquire in the market before deciding on the final one. You should be able to make an educated decision once you know all the financial fees involved in hiring any legal team. You need an experienced and dependable team for your will execution but you also need to make sure the financial charges for the services is justified so do not shy from asking clearly what the fees involved in hiring an individual solicitor or a firm.

Ask for references.

Many times legal companies or solicitors will not give the names of their clients due to the privacy policy but they still may be able to give you references of someone who can vouch for their level of competency. So feel free to ask them for references and you can also on your own make enquiries about their services so as to know more about them and then make a suitable decision.

Other relevant questions


Each individual thinks differently and has different questions as per their own circumstances. Therefore everyone can have many more questions to ask their solicitors. Some of these questions may include knowing more about legal terms and some of them may be more of the personal kind. Some of the common questions which come to mind are like:-

  • What do terms like “Grant of Probation, “Grant of Permission” and other similar ones mean?
  • What is the “Inheritance Tax” and what are the other taxes associated with wills?
  • What is the best time to form a Will?
  • Even if I have a single heir do I need to make a Will?
  • What should I include in my Will?

These questions and many more you may have do feel free to ask them the person you hire. After all, you are hiring them to help you out and clear all your doubts.

The whole purpose of hiring a wills and probate services in the UK is to make the whole process of will creation and execution free from legal difficulties. So go ahead, do your research and hire the best possible option.

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