If you have flown to the top cities and states of the UK, you must have got the wonderful experience of landing down at the prestigious Heathrow Airport in London. Situated in Hayes, this airport is in the west of London and operates flights to roughly about 180 destinations across the globe. Statistics say that the airport operates around 90 different airlines. This lavish and profoundly built airport has four exotic terminals for the passengers to enter and exit. However, with the increasing crowd over these days, the airport authorities have taken plans to construct their fifth terminal, so as to provide ultimate comfort to the travellers.Car Parking Facility

Airport Parking Heathrow features the most convenient car parking design, for the travellers to easily access. In spite of the brilliant car parking space, drivers always find the parking space to be tedious, because of the tremendous crowd the airport faces every day. Since travellers use this UK’s busiest airport for various reasons, to fly for business or for holidays, the airport has facilitated advance booking for car parking. When you book your parking in advance, the particular slot will be booked on your name; you can just drive into the airport and locate your slot to park your car. Some people might not be serious about priority booking, but they will have to face difficulties to park their car.

Book your Car Parking Space

Booking your car parking space in advance is really advantageous in various ways that you need not struggle to locate a place at the last moment. Similarly, when you book your slot in advance, you become eligible for discounts or offers and need not pay the full amount. The airport facilitates advance car parking booking up to 12 months prior to the date of journey, so anybody who have booked the tickets for the coming holiday can enjoy attractive benefits of booking car parking in advance.

Types of Car Parking

Heathrow airport has various types of car parking to facilitate all comfort that their clients would expect. There are Long Stay Car Parking, Short Stay Car Parking and Business Car Parking options. The Long Stay car parking is ideal for travellers who would fly and land back within a couple of days. This type of service is available all through the year, and airport drivers provide valet parking for their clients. The Short Stay car parking is suitable for those who just came to send off their friends or relatives on board, and the maximum duration is about 5 hours. The short stay parking is available near each terminal, so when you know your entry, you can park your car accordingly. Business car parking is available near every terminal and there is a rapid and instant transfer service available. Drivers who wish to take the Valet Parking service can request for the same and the airport special authorities will be ready to offer the service.

Never mind, which type of car parking you choose or which terminal you select, Heathrow airport offers complete security for all their clients’ cars. So, enjoy safe and easy parking with Airport Parking Heathrow.

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