The TOLES course has gone global. Available all over the world, the course has centers in such places as United Arab Emirates, China and Zambia, to name but a few. The course is popular with not only lawyers and students, but businessmen and women too.

At Cavendish University in Zambia, the course is especially popular. Beginning in January 2012, the course has received excellent news coverage attracting students from all over the country to complete the programme. As the majority of sub-Saharan Africa is English speaking, there has been an abundance of people wanting to enrol on the course. With their economies and businesses growing at an impressive rate, there is more of an opportunity to globalise their business. Due to this expansion, there is a much greater need than ever before for legal English to be learnt and utilised properly

Teaching legal English courses throughout the world has a huge benefit to businesses and law firms everywhere. It means that lawyers throughout the world can communicate using one language without the need for translation. As translation can often be notoriously unreliable (for example, a sentence directly translated can have a completely different meaning to the one which was intended), it can lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

The skills and understanding gained by students studying for the TOLES qualification helps them to deal with their everyday challenges and responsibilities, including translating documents into English for foreign clients. The TOLES course is recognised not only by law firms in England but throughout the world for its focus on practical skills and commercial awareness.

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