While looking for a distribution company to market your business you need to know what you are looking for. Therefore, what type of service is beneficial for your company?

So, to know which distribution company is best for you, doing some research is always helpful. You should invest in a company which provides you a cost- effective distribution plan and would increase the number of your sales. Therefore, the company needs to be professional and cost cutting, yet good enough to provide you with quality.

However, going for a bigger leaflet distribution company does not necessarily mean it is better. There are distribution companies which claim to be nation- wide. However, if a company covers a large area. The quality that you receive is very likely to decrease. Therefore, the company is likely to give you many cost-effective leaflets.

When you decide to use leaflet distribution as well as delivery as your marketing plan. There are a few things that you need to consider before hiring a specific company. Some of the basic criteria that your company should fulfil are:-

The count of leaflets and their cost

You should know how much a distribution company is going to charge you. Some companies even provide discounts for orders which are placed in large numbers. You should consider this as one of the first questions to ask as it will benefit you as well as your company. It is always good to have situations that favour both you and the company that is involved.

If they cover the area that is being targeted by you.

This is obvious as it is useless to hire a company if they do not cover an area you are targeting. Therefore, this is the first question that you should ask your distributor.

Whether they will be able to provide delivery.

Many leaflet distribution company will provide you delivery updates. They will send emails and SMSs that confirm your leaflets have been delivered to their destination. However, not all companies provide this service as it is difficult to prove this in many situations.

Whether they can provide testimonials from customers.

This is something that you should always consider asking the distributor. It builds trust between you and your distributor for future projects as well. If the company has happy customers who can recommend it to you, then you can be assured that they are good at their job. Therefore, it will assure you that your leaflets will reach their destinations.

The payment method

Lastly, if the company that you are hiring accepts payment through card then it can assure you if anything goes wrong. For instance, if your leaflets are not delivered. And if the payment is made by a debit or credit card, you can easily claim for your order.

Therefore, this will ensure that the company should provide proof for delivery or any other task that has to be completed.

These are some of the basic things and questions you need to consider while choosing a leaflet company.