You may think that there is nothing more to shipping containers than being a handy receptacle in which to transport goods from place to place, but you’d be wrong. Storage containers are an extremely versatile product which can be used for everything from storing your vehicle safely away from the elements, to a temporary office or living space when you need a quick and affordable solution.

Of course shipping containers, San Francisco residents will not be surprised, are fantastic for storing a range of items. Whether looking to store the contents of a home during a renovation, or shipping a car from one country to another, they offer a high level of protection from the elements and are able to store large volumes without effort.

Temporary Accommodation
Shipping containers, Los Angeles folks may be interested to know, can also be used as temporary accommodation. Many people will, right now, be sitting down to work in their shipping container office, or waking up from a good night’s sleep in their dormitory storage container.

Converted shipping containers offer a practical, mobile living solution which is unique and flexible. Fitted with toilets, electricity and windows, they are great places to spend some time whilst on a temporary site, or even in your own garden.

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