Real estate sector is the most lucrative way of doing secure investment for future. It not only gives you monthly cash flow but also provides a security for your retirement. For several decades, real estate has been a reliable sector for investment and a lot more than it holds for future. Not just this, there are many ways in which the real estate market and properties have changed drastically. Experts have calculated many predictions for real estate 2020. To know more about this, you can check here. Some of the predictions are listed below:

Chances of increase in the valuation of real estate property

One of the main expectations that experts are predicting for the future is a rise in the valuation of the property. With population growth and people migration from one city to another, there’ll be an increase in the demand of the rental accommodations. This’ll surely increase the valuation of real estate property.  

Increase in rental accommodations

The Demand for rental accommodations will also grow as the people who are working will want to stay closer to their workplaces. Fast-growing cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore etc. will offer a huge return of investment on real estate properties in terms of rental money.

Property investment by NRIs


It is also expected that by 2020, there will an increase in the non-resident Indian investments in real estate. For both short-term rentals and long-term rentals, there will be an increase in the investment by the NRI’s. Some of the most appreciated destinations for investment purpose for NRIs are Goa, Delhi and Bangalore.

Property price rise

Over years, whether it is residential or commercial real estate property, their price has risen. According to experts, real estate in India has a tremendous potential that helps in increasing the property price in the coming years. Prices of the property have increased by up to 3 to 5 times in past years and there is still a chance of its increase in the years to come. Thus, this could great news for those who want to sell out their property to get the benefits of returns.

Influence of smart city plans

There are many projects of smart cities that’ll help in addressing infrastructure requirements of the investors. As per market experts, these cities can be considered as a good option for investment in property as they offer tremendous scope for price appreciation. Apart from this, the growth of townships and residential housing property by 2020 can be expected.

Chances of collaboration with government


By 2020, there are chances of the collaboration among investment developers with the government. This will help in reducing the chances of risk that are associated with housing property.  Apart from this, it is also expected that the government can take the lead in developing the infrastructure.

There are chances that by 2020 real estate in India will have grown by more than 45 to 55 percent. Experts like SmartOwner suggest that this could be the best time for any for investing in the real estate sector. Right from an increase in rental accommodation to property rise, there is a long list of things that can be witnessed by 2020.

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