Businesses that are on the side of busy roads often find it challenging to divert the traffic and protect their storefronts from getting all flocked. Moreover, people sometimes park their vehicles in front of the stores, causing discomfort to customers. Hence, you should protect your storefront and keep unnecessary traffic away from your store zone.

The ideal way to separate your storefront is to go for the bollards. These are sturdy, vertical posts which are short in height but are enough to create a barrier. It divides the storefront from the main road or the pedestrian lane, making it evident to people that it is only for the customers visiting the business. Placing them at the right spots, you can avoid potential accidents wherein a vehicle can collide with the store glass. Additionally, it can eliminate the flocking of pedestrians in front of your store, making it look crowded and affecting business visibility.

Types Of Bollards That Can Protect Your Business

Permanent Iron Bollard

The simple solution is to go for a fundamental iron bollard that gets installed at a place permanently. You wouldn’t have to place or pick them up every day. The experts install them at a spot you want, digging the underground base of about 3 feet. They do not get uprooted even if a car hits them hard. However, the drawback is that your store is on a street where digging is not allowed.

Portable Bollard

A safer option is to opt for a portable bollard which you can place and remove whenever you want. They are lightweight, vertical posts you can use when the traffic gets intense. These are only for the visible impact as people can see that the area has restricted entry. However, if a car hits them hard, they may fall away but will save your storefront from potential damage.

Automatic Bollard

There is another option in these vertical posts, which is automatic. They come out of the ground when required, and you can hide them efficiently after use. Look for the service providers that offer automatic bollards and ask them to install them at the right place outside your storefront.

Designer Bollard

Unlike popular belief, these vertical posts are available in varied designs these days. You can get it in desired colours and shapes. Moreover, if you want an even more attractive option, go for graffiti on your bollard. This way, you improve the aesthetics of your business along with keeping it safe.

These are the options you have which prove ideal for your business. It is vital to explore all these options in detail to decide which one would be apt for your business. Furthermore, you should source them from reliable sellers that provide quality products in the best price range. Get the best vertical posts, install them strategically, and you will see the change in your footfall.