Printed plastic cards are a highly effective and efficient means of managing member accounts and allowing you to access certain information about each of your card holders. Every member receives an individually personalised card, typically with a magnetic strip or an electronic chip. The card is then swiped or read and information accessed on a computer or terminal. This can include membership level, account details, and more.

Once account data has been accessed it is also possible to allow the operator the opportunity to update details on the account. If the member wishes to make a payment or take additional items or services this information too can be updated on the card holder’s individual account. Membership cards are just one way in which plastic cards can be used to benefit your business and those that use it.

Membership cards are used by many different types of company and as well as those that are credit card size there are also smaller key fob plastic cards. The cards can be customised and branded so that they include your logo, name, slogan, and other information. You can even have cards that are personalised with the individual customer or user’s name making the cards more beneficial for everybody concerned.

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