As the traffic on the roads surges, so does the importance of safety associated with it. While the traffic moves on, with cars speeding up, there may be times when ramming may become happen. Ramming or collision is always dangerous, especially for the people walking on the sidewalks. This is the reason and place where a bollard plays a vital role. In this piece of article, the emphasis is laid on the importance of deployment of bollards along the roads or other places. We shall see why bollards have been used since ages and what is the requirement of the different types of bollards, and how they help to prevent damages at places they are installed at.

Types of Bollards and the way they help

Bollards limit the movement of the traffic; the idea of installing them is to control the speed of the traffic by constricting the space for it to move. In the following points, we shall see the various types of bollards and their benefits.

Traffic bollards

These limit the traffic movement and there are subtypes under this category. Permanent traffic bollards are fixed at a place and are useful in blocking particular vehicle movement into a specific zone. Moveable bollards comprise of removable rubber base. These can be moved and installed at different places as needed. Traffic cones are a good example of this type.

Plastic bollards

These consists of fluorescent red or orange reflective tapes which are heavily used in the controlling and diverting of traffic.

Illuminated bollards

As the name goes, these are illuminated by a light unit placed at the base of the bollard. As the light unit is located at the bottom of the bollard, it does not get damaged even if a collision happens.

Bell bollards

This is a bell-shaped bollard mainly used to deflect the tire movement of a vehicle. These are small and are easy to install.

Removable bollards

These are a very unique kind of bollards. What makes them different is their ability to fold back flat into the ground when the passage of a vehicle needs to be facilitated. Under normal conditions, these stand tall and control the vehicles from moving on to the prohibited area.

Racing bollards

Bollards play a very significant part in races or sports. These racing bollards prevent racing vehicles from crossing over to the cutting corners and hence, prevent accidents. Another specific quality about these bollards is that these are made extremely light in weight so that in case of accidents, there is minimum damage to the vehicle that has hit it. Besides, these bollards also prevent the onlookers or the sports spectators from getting hit by the oncoming racing-car or bike.

So, these are the ways in which the bollards aid in diverting traffic and preventing it from ramming into the pathways or footpath. Installation of bollards has time and again proven its usefulness and therefore, these are still very much implemented at strategic points on the roads.

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