Construction projects are complex, and without a good project manager, things can fall apart and become chaotic at any time. The manager takes charge and is a leader when it comes to planning operational processes and incorporating them for the timely completion of the work. Successful construction project managers have specific personality traits that make them highly skilled and deeply respected in the industry by their peers.

Kanat Sultanbekov – A Skilled And Dedicated Construction Project Manager

Kanat Sultanbekov from New York is an esteemed construction product manager highly skilled in leading proactive teams and completing projects promptly on time. He has an excellent track record that makes him widely respected in the industry.

As a dedicated construction manager, he focuses on aligning operational processes, strategic planning, and risk assessments effectively. According to him, safety is the top-most priority in any construction project and ensures that the construction work is done in accordance with all safety standards for the first time.

He has successfully completed the Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets Certificate Program from The Wharton School Aresty Institute of Executive Education at the University of Pennsylvania, along with The Launching New Ventures from The Harvard Business School.

The Role Of Team Management Skills In Construction Projects

According to him, a construction project manager should be a good team manager with inspiring leadership skills. You cannot work with your team members like an equal member of the group, as they might not take their duties seriously. However, in case the project is big, and there are deadlines to be completed in time, the project manager needs to step in and join the team. In short, a project manager is like a business leader who has to be professional yet approachable in case-specific members of the team need help. In this way, the team members will be happy and boost high morale.

The Morale Of Your Team Should Always Be High For The Successful Completion Of The Project

On the construction site, your team’s morale should always be high. However, at times it can be tough to maintain. The trick here is to listen to your team members to keep them happy and make them feel appreciated. As a project manager, you should always give them room for open communication and transparency.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, every good construction project manager must have excellent organizational skills as a team leader. A skilled project manager will understand the project plan well, paying attention to even the smallest intricate details. Emphasis must be placed on project plans to ensure they are followed without issues. Every project has several elements to be taken care of, and the main ones are budget, time, and resources.

With the right organizational skills, the plan will guide the project manager and his team at every construction process step. Things will go as per the plan; however, the manager has to take out time to re-evaluate the plan in case issues crop up unexpectedly.