So, you want to send packet to africa? Have you checked with the available standard freight services that offer a class apart global shipping with discounted rates? Well, if none of them is able to cater to your bespoke needs, why don’t you check online? There are hundreds of them with some steal deals to offer you a ready solution even for your most critical priority deliveries to Africa.

Africa is one of the largest growing continents in terms of its yearly yield in commerce. Hence, import and export to Africa make one of its mainstream business all over the world. If you have a packet consignment, it’s time to look at some of the value-added courier services that can offer you a global shipping, fast and damage free delivery from start to end. Make sure you choose from those global carriers with reasonable delivery charges that are easy on your wallet. Let’s have a look inside.

Taking the first step

While you are planning cap-a-pie to send packet to Africa and getting ready to select from a wide range of available courier services, there are some Do’s and Don’ts that you can’t afford to overlook. Like any other foreign countries, Africa also charges a customs duty while you are trying to ship something over such a huge distance. So, remember to get the full estimate including those custom charges when you bargain with your packet carrier.

Filter your priorities

Every delivery, small or big, comes with a promise and a commitment to sensitivity.  No matter whether your delivery concern is official or personal, always pick those service providers who pay close attention to detail and promise you an exceptional service quality even with the exceptions.

However, the following things will tell you what to check with your courier service…

  • The dimension of your shipment,
  • Economy delivery,
  • Less time-consuming international drops,
  • Customer service quality,
  • Hassle free account registration,
  • Product protection and insurance,
  • Trusted shipping platform,
  • Reliability and transparency of service,
  • International tracking,
  • Money-back offers,
  • Door-to-door deliveries,
  • Bulk offers and special discounts,
  • compensation cover,
  • Pick up and drop,
  • Customs and documentation,
  • Guaranteed delivery times
  • Package flexibilities.

Send more and spend less

S, now before you are all ready to ask for a final quotation from your packet carrier, remember to pick your service wisely from the palate. Most of the global courier services now have a unique combination of suits and packages that have something for everyone. For ex., you might have a requirement of the same day or next day delivery, so you need to opt for an express shipping, while a no priority shipping can be covered by a standard delivery service only.

In a nutshell, whether you are private or a corporate shipper, to send parcel to Africa or any other foreign country, always choose the best available global shipping services that offer a transparent worldwide shipping system with live price comparison and real-time tracking. Also, remember to always provide your courier company with the correct weight and dimension details so that you get only the correct estimation of your shipping rates for Africa or any other foreign country.

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