It’s something we dread – but many of us aren’t sure what steps we’d need to take if we misplaced our house keys.

Beyond the inconvenience of being unable to get inside and the worry that someone unscrupulous might find them, once every pocket has been patted and every handbag turned inside out, what are the key steps to take if you do lose your house keys?

First and foremost, look! If you know you had those keys this morning and now they’ve simply disappeared it is worth looking in the strangest of places; the saying is that things always show up in the last place you’d look – but that’s probably because you stop looking once you’ve found them! Try looking in odd spots, behind the loo, under the stairs, in kitchen cupboards, in baskets of laundry – even if you’ve already had your locks replaced there’s a sense of relief that will come from finding those keys.

Retrace your steps, speak to anyone you’ve seen that day in case they spotted you do something odd with your keys, and call the places you’ve visited to see if any keys have been handed in.

If that fails then it’s time to face it; you’ll need to call in the experts to help you access your home and replace your locks. If you’ve lost your set but your housemate or partner has their own you might think you don’t need to replace the locks – after all, it’s cheaper to simply get another set cut and carry on, right?

Wrong! If your lost keys have been found, or even stolen, by someone who then lets themselves in to burgle you it’s very likely that, as well as losing your belongings, your insurer won’t pay out for any loss or damage in your home; those stolen keys make your policy null and void. New locks are simple, and though it may be inconvenient, and an expense you didn’t want, it’s certainly cheaper in the long run than losing your belongings.

Even when you’ve replaced your locks it’s also wise to speak with your neighbours; nobody likes a nosy neighbour – but if your neighbourhood watch helps to keep your home safe it’s important to let them know if you’re worried about lost keys. They can alert you – and the police – if there’s a stranger trying to let themselves into your home.

Some homes have an electronic device on their key rings, connected to a home alarm system; make sure to call your alarm manufacturer or supplier and arrange a replacement, and change the codes. This will keep your home safe and secure, as well as ensuring your insurance cover is intact.

Doncaster locksmiths are available at all hours of the day to ensure you can gain access to your home in an emergency. The majority of locksmiths offer 24 hour services to break and refit locks in the worst case scenario. To avoid troubles in the future always ensure someone has a spare set of your keys too!

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