There are currently a few different types of privacy glass on the market. One kind of electric glass uses an electrical current to change the opacity of the screen and can thus be controlled remotely. This kind of glass has several commercial applications:

Privacy glass is not only used for privacy purposes and can also be a decorative feature. For instance, it can be used to control the light intake into a space, for example during darker, winter months windows can be made more transparent to let in more light.

Many commercial premises have large window displays. On the high street these window displays are a key way to outreach to customers. Various kinds of technologies are now commonly employed to enhance the outreach of window displays, for instance panels of electric glass can be used to create interesting, enticing window shop-fronts.

Privacy glass is also very well used in the hospitality sector. It is commonly used in hotel rooms to provide versatile partitions between bathroom and living areas. When privacy is needed this can be attained with the push of the button, creating a more intuitive living space.

Smaller kiosks and shop fronts can also benefit from privacy glass. Not only does the glass provide security but it can also be switched “off” or “on” during working or non-working hours. This can help to make very modern, functional store fronts conveying the very best about your business as well as improving security.

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