In the UK there are five types of companies to consider – a private company limited by shares, a private company limited by guarantees, a private unlimited company, a public limited company, a Societas Europaea, and a European Economic Interest Group. If you are setting up a business, it’s prudent to think carefully about which legal structure will best suit your business as this decision will dictate the tax and National Insurance you pay, the ways your business can raise money, the records and accounts you have to keep, which authorities you have to notify that your company exists and your financial liability if your business gets into trouble.

UK Company Registrations, a professional limited company formation agent, can advise entrepreneurs on which type of company they should form as part of their company registration process. A private limited company by shares is the most common type of company in the UK and is used for normal commercial trading purposes, can undertake any nature of business having unlimited objects and can have a sole director and/or sole shareholder.

However, if you are thinking of setting up a private limited company by guarantee (which is suitable for clubs, membership organisations and sports associations, a public company limited by shares (which is necessary if a company wishes to trade its shares to the public), or a limited liability partnership (which is suitable for use as a joint venture vehicle), UK Company Registrations can offer you professional advice and a company formation package to suit your needs.

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