Pieces of art can work really well in any living space for a few reasons. On the one hand art is obviously very decorative and so adds novel stylistic dimension to the space, on the other hand artwork can also be deeply personal and unique, which helps your room to become less generic and more individual.

The most important thing when choosing artwork is to choose a piece that you love. Of course the artwork has got to look good in the context of the room; however if you’re not in love with the piece then over time it could become a bone of contention. Instead, let your heart rule your head and understand that your appreciation of a good artwork is deeply personal.

However, you can also make some general assumptions about what kind of artwork is going to work best in various kinds of rooms and decor. For example, modern or abstract art obviously lends itself to minimalist, modern interiors.

You can also go further and say that art which has a calming influence is better suited to areas of relaxation such as the bedroom. Something in a living room or dining room might be more emphatic and striking, able to act as a centrepiece.

Artwork can work especially well in traditional living spaces. These spaces can also be enhanced with the use of solid wood flooring or hardwood flooring.

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