Everyone seeks happiness as it brings them bliss, peace, and a reason for living daily. The first step to happiness begins with yourself, which is why you must always place yourself first over others. Many people fail to take the first step, which is why they are unhappy. Little do they realize that this “unhappiness’ has a direct effect on their personal and professional lives.

Sharon Deflorio – How Can You Bring Happiness Into Your Life?

Sharon Deflorio is a widely respected and successful business development professional from Norwalk, CT, with a proven track record of generating qualified lead conversions and boosting revenue for the organizations she has served. In the past, she worked with credible names like Xerox, Terex Corporation, and Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal as a successful corporate paralegal in New York City.

She is a proactive leader and a motivational role model to her team regarding positive thinking and exceeding key performance targets in the organization. Besides being a business development expert, she is a multi-sport athlete and an avid philanthropist. She loves to play tennis, swim, take part in half marathons and enjoys cycling. When it comes to charitable causes, she regularly participates in fundraising activities. She supports programs linked to research in cancer, multiple sclerosis, and awareness to educate and put an end to child abuse and neglect.

Invest In Yourself

According to her, focusing on yourself to increase happiness profoundly influences your personal and professional life. Your mood is better, and you can focus on the tasks and relationships you have better.

Positive Habits Are The First Step To Happiness

A healthy mind and body will boost the happiness quotient in your life, so invest in practicing good habits at home and in the workplace. For instance, when you are in the workplace, you can focus on keeping your desk clean and free from clutter. This way, you can focus better and complete all your tasks on time. Clutter affects you indirectly, leading to procrastination, which is not good at the workplace, as you will never get your targeted jobs done on time.

Healthy Meal Plans For Weight Management

You should start with a healthy meal plan complete with fresh fruits and vegetables and daily exercise at home. According to Sharon Deflorio, getting started might be hard for some people, but you can make simple and small lifestyle changes for a start. For example, switch to plain water or fresh fruit juices if you are fond of coffee or soda as your primary beverage. Likewise, for food, instead of meals rich in fat, sodium, and carbohydrates, include salads, sautéed green vegetables, and soups in your meals.

Daily exercise is mandatory for your body to stay fit and keep the extra weight at bay, so spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising to boost endorphins in the brain. They are the “feel-good hormones that fight depression, anxiety, and panic to keep them at bay with success!