Nowadays, people rarely consider buying beaded lanyards. This is a shame because these natty looking lanyards are just as good as modern ones are. They are strong and can be used by any kind of organisation or company. Many users prefer this kind of lanyard because they are less obtrusive and garish than some modern lanyards.

Perhaps the only drawback of beaded lanyards is that they cannot easily be used for promotional purposes. Unlike modern flat lanyards made from nylon, flax or silk it is not possible to have your company slogan and logo printed onto them. However, they do come in a variety of colours, so, in some cases, you can still order them in your company colours.

The Best Place to Buy Beaded LanyardsIf you want a dozen lanyards, visiting your local stationer is probably OK. There you will find a fairly good choice of colours.

If you want to buy in bulk and want more choice the internet is the place to go. Online you get a good choice of beaded lanyards and it is easy to buy them in bulk. Doing so can save you money and give you access to a better range of colours and clips.

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