Being environmentally conscious is becoming more and more important for almost every business. Not only will environmental focus help companies to reduce their overheads and to protect the environment, but with both government bodies and the public becoming more and more interested in how businesses are effecting the environment, it may also simply be important to be able to show how green your company is.

Whilst reducing emissions and conserving energy are great ways to help the environment and an easy way to show the public and governing bodies that you are environmentally conscious, energy is not the only thing that businesses waste in abundance.

Take water for example. Not only do many businesses waste a huge amount of tap water and toilet water, but even rainwater is likely to be a valuable commodity that just goes down the drain. As such, simply using ordinary guttering to direct rainwater away may well be wasting what could later be used to help the environment and to lower business overheads.

Using specific rainwater systems to harvest rainfall will allow businesses to filter and reuse water for an array of different purposes. In some cases, rainwater may even be filtered for human consumption and, in these cases, not only will you be looking after your staff far better, but you may also be helping to reduce the huge amount of energy that the bottled water companies waste each and every year.

So, if you are looking for ways to go green and save money, changing your approach to energy use is not the only way and effective use of water may help you stand out positively even more.

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