Auto Care UK has the aim of helping independent garages to promote themselves and grow their business. The way the network is set up ensures that they do so by offering an increasingly better service to their customers. This also means that UK consumers who use a garage in their network will get a good job done at the right price.

For small independent garages, it can be difficult to compete successfully against national chains. The Auto Care network provides smaller garages with the tools they need to successfully compete and offer a better service than their competitors.

To do this they provide training workshops garage owners can send their mechanics to. They also help them with branding and marketing and provide access to software to help them to run their businesses more efficiently. This allows them to do more for less and pass some of the costs savings onto their customers.

Why Use Garages from the Auto Care UK Network?

Customers who use garages from the Auto Care UK network know that they will get a good job done. Any garage that does not adhere to the networks high standards has to leave the network.

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