Van leasing deals are an excellent choice for any company who requires the regular use of a van in order to transport goods, tools etc. from place to place but who cannot afford to pay for a new vehicle outright.

No Investment

A major benefit of van leasing deals is that they do not require any major investment to be made upfront. For companies who do not have a lot of capital to spare, this means that they can access the vehicles they require to grow their business without taking a hit in the pocket. Not having to pay the full retail price of a van can really help a lot of companies to thrive in the early stages when such a purchase would be out of the question.


When you choose van leasing you can also avoid having to pay VAT on your van payments. You will typically  able to claim all of your VAT back on a quarterly basis, if you are VAT registered, so you really can save money in a range of ways when you chose van leading deals, like the ones available at The Van Warehouse, instead of buying your business vans from a dealer.

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