The easiest way to save money is by researching to find the best deals in any category of articles or consumer goods. The same applies while looking for a budget car. Unless you are offered transportation facility to and from your work place, driving becomes a necessity to save valuable time spent in travelling by public transport. If you want to save money while purchasing a new car, not only the price but also mileage has to be taken into consideration. Here is a list of few affordable economic cars.

1. Hyundai Elantra:It features a spacious, smart and bold design. It gives 40 miles per gallon. It costs $15,000. Elantra is perfect for its elegant looks.

2.Honda Fit: Out of 43 affordable cars which are small, this car ranks first. Out of 10 it scores 9.2 for safety, 8.8 for interior design, 8.2 for performance and a total of 8.8 points for overall performance.

3. Kia Rio EX:Low in price and small in size, this car makes a great impact with its solid performance, stylish looks and standard features. It supports Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio technology.

4. Ford Fiesta:If you need hi-tech interior designs, comfortable driving dynamics and better mileage, then your first choice should be 2013 Ford Fiesta.

5. Ford Focus:It is popular for its cargo space and good fuel economy ratings. But most people who went for test drives were disappointed about its interior tech. Even though interior tech is impressive in looks, it is complicated to use.

6. Toyota Yaris Liftback:It is beneficial because of its EPA rating and unbelievable base price. Toyota Yaris Liftback is a good option for people who are single, but families find problems to get into the three door vehicle.

7. Chevrolet Cruze:Chevrolet’s smooth ride, speed, large trunk,fuel

8. Ford Fiesta Sedan:This car is city and user friendly. It gives 39 mpg. Mileage, which is a great attraction of the Ford Fiesta Sedan. It also has impressive and attractive interior tech.economy ratings and attractive test scores make it a perfect choice for people who are small car shoppers.

9. Subaru Impreza Sedan:It costs less than $18,000. In addition to the general features, it has great sound system with iPod control, Bluetooth connectivity and voice activated global positioning system (GPS) navigation.

10. Scion xB:It features more cargo place, decent power from 4-cylinder 2.4-liter engine, 6 speaker sound system with iPod connectivity.

Author Bio : Written by Maria Benson, a blogger working for ppi claims. She is currently focusing financial related concepts like loans and insurance etc.

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